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Kabounce Multiplayer Pinball



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Kabounce is a team versus team, third person, multiplayer pinball game in which you control the ball.


Each match players battle in a team versus team format, hitting bumpers claims them for your team and grants you points. Points can be stolen with pre-selected abilities. Bank points at the goal to add them to your team's score and prevent the opposing team from stealing them. At the end of each round, the highest scoring team wins.


  • Experience Pinball inspired gameplay from the perspective of the ball

  • Extensive customization with millions of combinations to personalize your pinball

  • Unlock cosmetics, stat tracking, leaderboards, and more

  • Addictive Online-Multiplayer competitive action for up to 8 players, team versus team

  • Up to 4-player split screen mode that can be played offline, or online

  • Single-player challenges to test your skill against ghosts or the world



Kabounce Pinball
Kabounce Pinball


  • Gather points by capturing bumpers or stealing them by eliminating other players

  • Maintain your combo to score bonus points

  • Choose from distinctive powerful abilities, offensive and utility, to eliminate players and capture bumpers



  • Bank your points to add them to your team score

  • Banked points cannot be stolen

  • Keep the opposing team out of the goal to improve your chances to win

  • At the end of the match, the team with the highest banked points wins!



  • Millions of possible combinations to customize your pinball

  • Choose a base pinball, add a trail, modification, top accessory, front accessory and special item

  • Customization can be unlocked by playing the game, there are no  microtransactions

  • Cosmetics can be Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary




  • Traverse challenging parkour maps as quickly as possible to set the best time

  • You receive stars and rewards based on your performance

  • Play against preset ghosts, your own, or against friends online and/or offline.

  • Compete in multiple leaderboards to see how you compare to the world

  • Get good enough to beat the special Developer Times and receive a Platinum Star to boast about your achievement.






1. When will Kabounce be released?

ANSWER: 29 May, 2018! 

2. Where can I get / buy Kabounce?

ANSWER: You can purchase Kabounce on Steam or the official PlayStation® store.

3. How much will Kabounce cost?

ANSWER: Kabounce will be available for a one-time payment €14.99 / $14.99 / £10.99*. No hidden costs, subscriptions or microtransactions

*NOTE: price in your region may be different, check Steam or the PlayStation® store for the price in your region

4. Can I play Kabounce together with friends?

ANSWER: Kabounce can be played via Split Screen with up to 4 players. You can join an online match via splitscreen or group up with online friends through our in-game party system.

5. What game modes can I play?

ANSWER: You can compete in our default online quick match alone, with a pre-made group, or with players selected through our matchmaker. Play challenge modes alone or with local or online friends, and play a private custom game versus bots and friends, offline or online.

6. Can I create my own server?

ANSWER: At this time it is not possible to create custom public servers, however, custom match allows you to create private online matches with your group. Kabounce is primarily played through our server provider and players can enjoy an easy to use matchmaking system to find a match in their region with players who are considered near your skill level.

7. What are the computer specifications required to play Kabounce?

ANSWER: Please check on the official Steam Store page of Kabounce to view the necessary hardware requirements

8. Will Kabounce support Steam Workshop? Or can I make my own levels?

ANSWER: Not at this time, if enough players buy it and are excited to make their own challenges or maps we may add it later!

9. Are there microtransactions in Kabounce?

ANSWER: No, players can unlock new cosmetics by playing the game and leveling up.

10. Will I be able to pay money to perform better in game?

ANSWER: No, there are no pay to win elements in our game.

11. Can I play without friends or offline?

ANSWER: Yes, custom matches allow you to play offline with bots and in splitscreen, and in time-attack challenge mode you can try to set the highest time, not just online but also in splitscreen or on your own against a ghost.



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